8bit bEtty: And I Know That Youre Happy
   8Bit Weapon: Acidgroove (Orchestral Mix)
   Secret Of Monkey Island
   Alien Breed 2
   Brad Smith: Brain Damage
   Buckner And Garcia: Do The Donkey Kong
   Bruce Lee
   Descendants Of Erdrick: A Slime Draws Nearer!
   Desert Planet: Breakout Button
   Donkey Kong Album: Donkey Kong Theme
   Empire Of The Claw: Beware I Live
   Bomb Jack
   HazMats: Slave To Machines
   Instant Remedy: Comic Bakery
   Jet Set Willy MSX
   Karma 64: BMX Kids High Score
   Machinae Supremacy: Anthem Apocalyptica
   Megadriver: Classic Fencing
   OC Remix: Bonks Adventure (Prehistoric Xmas)
   Black Knight 2000
   Press Play On Tape: Commando
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Change Attendant
   Radiohead 8bit: Airbag
   Ace Of Base: All That She Wants
   The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby
   Aphex Twin: Power Pill Pacman
   Space Invaders: Back In The Space Again
   Suckadelic: Cobra Stops The World
   the British IBM: CGE Adventures
   Tomb Raider 1 Theme
   Tony Fox NYC: A Day At Tonys Arcade
   Weird Al Yankovic: It's All About The Pentiums
   Yars Revenge: Yars Revenge: Atari Theme
   Legend Of Zelda: Dark World
   Estrayk: Back in 2002
   8bit bEtty: Blast Off
   8bit bEtty: Nikomas Theme (Extended Mix)
   8Bit Weapon: Bards Tale II: Sanctuary Score (Ybarras Mystic Mix)
   Jaguar XJ220
   Brad Smith: The Great Gig In The Sky
   Dragons Lair
   Buckner And Garcia: Pac-Man Fever Unplugged
   Trollie Wallie 1
   Descendants Of Erdrick: What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse Part 1
   Desert Planet: Interstellar Agent
   Donkey Kong Album: Donkey Kong Country 2: Stickerbrush Symphony
   Desert Planet: Slurp!
   Desert Planet: Red Dwarf (2005 Remix)
   HazMats: Video Fever
   Instant Remedy: Commando
   Jet Set Willy Intro C64
   Karma 64: Flimbo's Quest
   Machinae Supremacy: Arcade
   Megadriver: Concrete Jungle (Streets Of Rage)
   OC Remix: Pacman (Cloud Garden)
   Bride Of Pinbot
   Good Deal Games: Trivia01
   Press Play On Tape: Flimbos Quest
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Scramble
   Radiohead 8bit: Let Down
   Paul Hardcastle: 19
   The Beatles: Nowhere Man
   Martin Dodd: Life On Mars
   Space Invaders: Space Invaders
   Suckadelic: Villain Invader Break
   Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider 2 Snowmobile
   Tony Fox NYC: Hop To It
   Weird Al Yankovic: The Pacman
   Yars Revenge: Yars Revenge
   Legend Of Zelda Dungeon Theme (Doomstep Remix)
   8bit bEtty: Green Kangaroo
   8Bit Weapon: M.U.L.E. (Bitblaster mix)
   Blood Money
   Buckner And Garcia: Froggy's Lament
   C64 MULE
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Start, Select, Shadow Man Death
   Donkey Kong Album: On Top Of The World
   Empire Of The Claw: Shmup (Trance)
   Castlevania 1 (Dance Mix)
   Instant Remedy: Last Ninja (The Palace)
   Jet Set Willy C64
   Karma 64: Crazy Comets
   Machinae Supremacy: Bouff
   OC Remix: Paperboy (Peaperboayh)
   Don't Lose the Ball
   Press Play On Tape: Monty On The Run
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: We Fell In Love At The Video Arcade
   Radiohead 8bit: Optimistic
   Alphaville: Big In Japan
   Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 2
   Parry Gripp: Girl At The Video Game Store
   Space Invaders: Game Over
   Suckadelic: March Of The Suckbots
   Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider 2 Theme
   Tony Fox NYC: Adagio For Humanoids
   Legend Of Zelda Main Theme
   8bit bEtty: Reading Rainbow
   8Bit Weapon: Mars Saga (Mr Jetlands Slow Jam Mix)
   Radio Reelers: Silver Ball
   The Chaos Engine
   Buckner And Garcia: Mousetrap
   Trollie Wallie 3
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Battle With The Minotaur
   Donkey Kong Album: Mario Delivers
   Empire Of The Claw: Groove Of The Defender
   Formula 1 Grand Prix
   Instant Remedy: IK+
   Jet Set Willy Atari
   Karma 64: Miami Vice
   Machinae Supremacy: Spacepunx
   Megadriver: Path Of Friend (Golden Axe)
   OC Remix: Super Mario Bros (Bowser Is Pissed)
   One Dollar Short: Pinball Arcade
   Press Play On Tape: The Way Of The Exploding Fist
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Victim Of The Video
   Radiohead 8bit: No Surprises
   Game Themes: Aztec Challenge
   Oasis: Live Forever
   DJ Jazzy Jeff: Human Video Game
   Space Invaders: Space Invaders 2003
   Suckadelic: The Malice Of Mezmeron
   Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider 3 Theme
   Tony Fox NYC: Do The Donkey Kong (Remix)
   Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Gerudo Valley
   8bit bEtty: Spooky Loop
   8Bit Weapon: Crazy Comets (Orbital Decay Mix)
   Pinball Dreams
   Buckner And Garcia: The Defender
   The Last V8
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Dave's Theme (Maniac Mansion)
   Donkey Kong Album: Jump Up
   Empire Of The Claw: Trance Of The 80s Arcade
   ood Deal Games: Trivia02
   Star Fox
   Instant Remedy: Game On (Issue 09 89)
   Jet Set Willy 2 C64
   Karma 64: Sanxion
   Machinae Supremacy: Earthbound
   Megadriver: Shou Ken (Street Fighter: Ken)
   OC Remix: Chrono Trigger (The Incredible Singing Robot)
   Press Play On Tape: Thing On A Spring
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Frenzy
   Radiohead 8bit: Idioteque
   Benny Hill!! (Yakety Sax)
   Queen: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
   Peter Gunn Theme
   Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 4
   Space Invaders: Close Encounters Of The 3rd Grade
   Tony Fox NYC: Welcome Aboard Captain
   8bit bEtty: Was That Away Message For Me
   8Bit Weapon: Commodore C 64 (Bit Blitz mix)
   Cannon Fodder
   Buckner And Garcia: Pac-Man Fever
   C64 Supremacy
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Wood & Water Rage
   Donkey Kong Album: Donkey Kong
   Outrun (Magical Sound Shower)
   Instant Remedy: Ghosts n Goblins (Trance)
   Karma 64: Ocean Loader V4
   Machinae Supremacy: Endgame
   Megadriver: Sonic Boom (Street Fighter: Guile)
   OC Remix: Phantasy Star (Alis Overture)
   Pinball Summer
   Press Play On Tape: Tiger Mission
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Defender Contender
   Radiohead 8bit: Everything In Its Right Place
   TV Themes: Airwolf
   Madness: House Of Fun
   Floppy Drives: Ghostbusters on Floppy
   Space Invaders: Star Encounters
   Tony Fox NYC: The Lair Of Tron
   Bit Weapon: Neuromancer Ending (Warhol Edit)
   Lotus 3 The Ultimate Challenge
   Buckner And Garcia: Goin' Berzerk
   C64 Wizball
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Our Princess Is In Another Castle
   Instant Remedy: West Bank
   Karma 64: Monty On The Run
   Machinae Supremacy: Burghammer Hill
   Megadriver: Thrash Earthquake (Samurai Shodown)
   OC Remix: Dig Dug (Six Feet Under)
   Pinball Thats All
   Press Play On Tape: Krakout
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Video Magic
   Radiohead 8bit: Paranoid Android
   Arabian Nights
   Dragons Lair 2
   Green Day: Basket Case
   Rebecca Mayes: Wii Song
   Space Invaders: I.N.V.
   Tony Fox NYC: Robotron 2005
   8Bit Weapon: Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix)
   Last Ninja 2097
   Buckner And Garcia: Ode To A Centipede
   Trollie Wallie 2
   Descendants Of Erdrick: Street Fighter U.S.A.
   Planet MULE
   Instant Remedy: Flimbos Quest
   Karma 64: Delta Victory
   Machinae Supremacy: Jets n Guns
   Megadriver: Speed Metal Gyruss (Gyruss)
   OC Remix: Super Mario Bros (Super Mario Blues)
   Enon: Tilt You Up
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Ms. Pac-Man
   Radiohead 8bit: Karma Police
   BMX Simulator (Remix)
   Blur: There's No Other Way
   Walker Pett: 99 Red Marbles
   Tony Fox NYC: Warp Activated
   8Bit Weapon: Chimera (Miles Mix)
   Buckner And Garcia: Hyperspace
   Descendants Of Erdrick: A Story Of True Victory
   Castlevania 2
   Instant Remedy: Trolls
   Machinae Supremacy: Hybrid
   Megadriver: Mad Racer (Top Gear)
   OC Remix: QBert (A Bol Hardcore)
   Gorgar Speaks
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: Donkey Kong
   Radiohead 8bit: The National Anthem
   Bond Themes: A Viiew To A Kill
   Little Richard: Good Golly Miss Molly
   E-Rotic And Hit n Hide: Space Invaders
   Tony Fox NYC: Pacman Fever (Remix)
   8Bit Weapon: Spy Vs Spy II (Drunk n' Basement Mix)
   C64 Ghostbusters
   Descendants Of Erdrick: The Dream Master's Nightmare
   Super Mario Bros
   Instant Remedy: International Karate
   Machinae Supremacy: Megascorcher
   Good Deal Games: Trivia03
   Megadriver: Round One (Street Fighter: Ryu)
   Megadriver: Wicked Child (Castlevania)
   OC Remix: Bubble Bobble (DJ Arcas Bubble Techno)
   Everyday Sinners: Appetite For Pinball
   R-Cade And The Video Victims: In The Arcade
   Radiohead 8bit: Electioneering
   A Ha: Take On Me
   Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 6
   The Simpsons
   Sam Hart: Mario Kart Love Song
   Tony Fox NYC: Star Humanoid
   8Bit Weapon: Intro (Project Firestart)
   R-Type (Chris Huelsbeck)
   C64 Monty On The Run
   Yoshi's Story
   Machinae Supremacy: Death From Above
   Megadriver: Sucessor Of Fate (Castlevania Hod)
   OC Remix: Frogger (Funkiphibian Dub)
   Radio Reelers: Silver Ball
   Tony Fox NYC: CentiMillipede
   Bit Weapon: Times of Lore Intro (Remix)
   Lotus 2 Turbo Challenge
   Spy Hunter
   Machinae Supremacy: Nemesis
   OC Remix: Paperboy (Evening Edition Jam)
   Game Themes: Bart Vs The Space Mutants (SID
   Pinball Illusions
   Super Metroid
   Machinae Supremacy: Fanvacoolt
   OC Remix: Galaga (Galagzee)
   Movie Themes: Back to the Future 2
   Green Day: Welcome To Paradise
   Madness: It Must Be Love
   Queen: Another One Bites The Dust
   Mario Millenium
   Tony Fox NYC: Carnival 2005
   Magic Pockets
   Tempest 2000
   Machinae Supremacy: Erecta My Hamburger Baby
   OC Remix: Pacman (Rave In The Mirror Maze)
   OC Remix: Tetris (Linear Groove)
   Beach Head 2
   Tony Fox NYC: Crystal Reactor
   Golden Axe (Fiends Path)
   Machinae Supremacy: Flames Of Fire
   OC Remix: Outrun Passing Breeze (97Bit Offcut Mix)
   Movie Themes: Axel F
   Tony Fox NYC: GaLaGaLaXiaN
   Project X
   OC Remix: ToeJam And Earl (Bumpin)
   Game Themes: Auf Wiedersehen Monty
   Blur: Girls And Boys
   Little Richard: Long Tall Sally
   The Police: Message In A Bottle
   Tony Fox NYC: Its Wacked Man (Ms Pacman Remix)
   Turrican 1 (Intro)
   Golden Eye (Level 1)
   Machinae Supremacy: Winterstorm
   OC Remix: Chrono Trigger (Enter The Frog)
   Legend Of Zelda (Dark World)
   Machinae Supremacy: Flight Of The Toyota
   OC Remix: Super HangOn (Burn Baby Burn)
   Kraftwerk: Spacelab Meets Cybernoid
   The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun
   The Blues Brothers: Gimme Some Lovin
   Oasis: Acquiesce
   Tony Fox NYC: Intellivision Up And Down
   Thunderforce 91
   Machinae Supremacy: Koala In The Spiders Web
   OC Remix: Outrun Instant
   Green Day: When I Come Around
   Little Richard: Tutti Fruiti
   Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
   Tony Fox NYC: Prepare For Battle
   Turrican 2 (Remix)
   Machinae Supremacy: Lord Krutors Dominion
   OC Remix: Gauntlet
   Blur: Parklife
   The Police: Roxanne
   Tony Fox NYC: Go For It (Crazy Climber Remix)
   Turrican 3 (Chris Huelsbeck)
   Machinae Supremacy: March Of The Undead
   OC Remix: Super Mario 64 (Fleeting Ecstasy)
   Madness: Our House
   Tony Fox NYC: I Am Humanoid (Save The Robots Mix)
   Xenon 2
   OC Remix: Moon Patrol (Mare Crisium)
   Oasis: Supersonic
   The Police: Walking On The Moon
   Tony Fox NYC: Humanoid Master V.3
   OC Remix: Marble Madness (Marble Dancefloor)
   The Beatles: Paperback Writer
   Beethoven: 1812 Overture
   Blur: The Universal
   Tony Fox NYC: Humanoids Asteroids (The Buck Out Edit)
   OC Remix: Space Harrier (Limitless Skies)
   OC Remix: Moon Patrol (Road To Tyco Station)
   OC Remix: Tempest 2000 (Vail Underground Mix)
   OC Remix: Pacman (64Bit)
   OC Remix: Rolling Thunder (El Salsa)
   The Beatles: Love Me Do
   Oasis: Whatever

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